Our story



During our stay in Kenya in 2018, we came into contact with a family in a small village called Mackinnon Road, four hours southeast of Nairobi. This is one of Kenya’s poorest areas where many people live for less than a dollar a day.

Cosmus and Annastasia, the mother and father of the family, run a private school on their farm. They started Ebenezer Academy in 2006 with the goal of offering better education and an opportunity for orphans to go to school. The business started with a handful of students and a small classroom they rented. Today, Ebenezer Academy consists of three schools with 160 students and a total of 14 teachers. The project has been gradually developed since Cosmus welcomed volunteer workers.

When we worked in school, we noticed that school meals were not served and the students are supposed to eat at home during break. The problem is that many children stays in school because they have no food at home. As the children stays hungry in school it affects their wellbeing and their school results, exhaustion and lack of concentrating is very common.

In January 2019, we decided to start a fundraising to collect money for schoolmeals, the goal was to contribute food for an entire school year. Through friends and family we got off to a good start and the project looked bright. Kevin also decided to make a bicykle trip of 1700 km in Norway to raise money for the project. In total, we raised SEK 67,000 (6700 euros),for that amount, the school hired a cook and food was served for a whole school year. Being able to help so many people at once and see the result of our contribution was a great happiness! Cosmus have noticed a big difference between children’s energy and school performance since the project started, more students also choose Ebenezer Academy for that reason.

A year after we started this fundraise, we went back to Ebenezer Academy to see what change the project has brought. With big smiles and warm hugs, we were welcomed back. There we also helped to serve the food that we contributed during the year and the emotions were overwhelming. The children were full of energy and we could see the difference that the project have made. There were no doubt at the time that this project is something we want to continue with.

We decided to maintain this project in the charity organization Helpfulness Foundation, hoping to contribute to a continuous food program with the help of monthly donations and gifts. Other additions to this organisation will go to school materials and other resources necessary for the children to continue to develop. We see such incredible potential in these children and we are so proud to be able to contribute to a brighter future.